January 19, 2019

Eat with Intention – achtsames Essen lernen

Eat with Intention –  achtsames Essen lernen

(Anzeige) Lieber etwas Gutes essen oder eine Runde meditieren? Warum nicht einfach beides, dachte sich die Wellness-Trainerin Cassandra Bodzak und vereinte Rezepte und Meditation an einem Ort. Ihr erstes Buch trägt den geheimnisvollen Titel Eat with Intention* – zu deutsch: Essen mit einer gewissen Absicht. Was das genau bedeutet und welche Absichten sich dahinter verbergen, diese Fragen habe ich Cassandra einmal persönlich gestellt. Heute teile ich nicht nur das Interview mit der Bloggerin und amerikanischen TV-Köchin mit dir, sondern verrate auch, warum es sich bei Eat with Intention um kein traditionelles Kochbuch handelt.

Achtsames Essen lernen


 „Have you ever made cupcakes and accidentally screwed up the batter? Maybe you used an incorrect amount of flour or baking powder, and your cake turned out a bit wonky. Instead of throwing out the batter and starting all over, you made the most incredible frosting and slathered it on top. Voilà! Though you managed to disguise the problem, you didn’t actually fix the cake. Well, every time you try the latest diet craze—whether it’s low-carb, paleo, sugar-free, or whatever—you’re hiding the cake.“

Einfach auf seinen Körper hören – was so einfach klingt, haben die meisten von uns längst verlernt. Doch wie findet man zurück zu seinen Wurzeln? Wie lernt man achtsames Essen? Cassandra Bodzak hat sich diese Frage auch gestellt und eine für sie schlüssige Antworten gefunden: Eat with Intention ist die Lösung.  Die damalige Studentin hatte eine lange Diät-Vergangenheit hinter sich und irgendwann kam der Tag, an dem sie aus Erschöpfung einfach zusammenbrach. Etwas musste sich ändern, das wusste sie. Was genau, das musste sie erstmal für sich herausfinden.
Eat with Intention achtsames essen lernen

Auf dieser Weise entdeckte Cassandra nicht nur die pflanzliche Ernährung für sich, sondern auch ihren persönlichen Zugang zum Thema Meditation und spirituelles Leben. Und ihr wurde klar, dass man eben diese Dinge vereinen muss, um Körper und Geist gleichzeitig in Einklang zu bringen. Genau diese Botschaft möchte Cassandra nun in ihrem Buch Eat with Intention, das kürzlich erschienen ist, verbreiten. Jedes Rezept hat so ein passendes Mantra. Wir sollen dadurch lernen, uns ins Essen wieder „zu verlieben“ und negative Gedankenmuster in Bezug aufs Essen zu durchbrechen.

Spannendes Thema, oder? Ich durfte Cassandra dazu ein paar Fragen stellen und teile heute ihre ausführlichen Antworten mit euch. Das Interview ist auf Englisch, ich denke aber, dass die Message auch so ganz gut klar wird ;)


Could you tell us more about yourself, Cassandra? How did you get the idea for „Eat with intention“?

Of course, where to start?! I’m a plant-based chef, spiritual mentor, and meditation guide. This year I started aprecity.com which is an online, mind-body-soul support community for woman who want guidance, support and connection on their spiritual or wellbeing path. I’m now a very proud mother to a book baby as well with “Eat with Intention” and the host of Eat with Intention TV which is an online mindful cooking show. The through line of everything I do and my mission with this book, aprecity and all my teaching is to help people take their power back and find the answers inside through living a more mindful life utilizing food, meditation and self-care.
How I got the idea for “Eat with Intention” is a bit of a magical story. I was at Wanderlust Festival and my intention for the weekend of back to back yoga and meditation was to gain clarity on the direction I should be taking my work in. I had been feeling like I had one foot in the plant-based cooking world and the other deep into my spiritual journey. I loved sharing both but I felt like it was confusing for people, they didn’t really know what to look to me for. So I went into my very first yoga class with this deep desire for clarity and during one of the meditations it hit me. I saw myself in a past life muddling blackberries, basil and all sorts of interesting herbs, placing them into bottles and handing out ‘prescriptions’ to each person who came through my door by telling them a meditation to do, as well as some specific self-care activity like take a bath in the river or go lay under a tree once a day. When I came back into class, I furiously jotted it down in my notebook and I knew exactly what I had to do. I had to show people that it was a three prong prescription for a light-filled life. I needed to write about food, meditation and self-care so that people could see how it’s a trifecta of wellbeing and I could illustrate this through those old ‘prescriptions’ I used to give in another time and space.


What would you say is the best way to stop negative thought patterns?

A re-alignment of your food, meditation, self-care routines. It’s pretty hard to break a negative thought pattern without all three being in place. First off, you need your meditation to retrain your subconscious mind, daily self-care habits that are routed in self-love and give you the space to reboot and recharge and high vibrational clean food that clears your mind and gives you energy. When you are doing all three, it is so much harder for your negative thought patterns to get the steering wheel.

How do you practice gratitude?

I practice gratitude in multiple ways. First, I do an inventory of my body in the morning and connect with the gratitude I have for all it’s different organs, tissues and cells that work together so miraculous so that I can have another day here on earth. Secondly, I always stop and smell the flowers. I love taking morning walks around my house in Santa Monica and just enjoying the sunshine, palm tree and flowers. Connecting to my gratitude for the environment bleeds over into my gratitude for all the beautiful things in my life.
 eat with intention blueberries achtsames essen lernen

How can you fall in love with food?

I think it first starts with falling in love with your body and starting a loving conversation with your body like I discuss in detail in the book. Once you want to genuinely nourish and take care of your body you begin to fall in love with food because you are eating from a place of self-love. I also believe that rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty in the kitchen and unleashing your creative side allows you to have a more playful relationship with food.

Why is eating mindfully so important?

Eating mindfully is important because it not only tunes you into what your body truly needs to fuel it but it helps your body properly process the food when digesting. It’s desperately needed in our world where most people eat from a place of stress, because they are on auto-pilot for whatever is easy or are numbing out with food.


Do you have any forbidden foods? Do you sometimes eat candy?

I don’t like to say anything is forbidden. I certainly have foods that I haven’t chosen to eat in many years because of how they react with my body. I am not a big candy person, however, I have a hard time passing up a freshly baked vegan, gluten-free chocolate chip cookie!
 eat with intention chia pudding achtsames essen

If you could teach your readers one thing, what would it be?


You had the power all along my dear! My intention is always to give people the tools to reconnect with their own intuition so that they can take their power back and realize that the answers are all inside. We just need to learn how to listen.


What’s your favourite recipe in the book?

Ah, they are all like children, it’s very hard to choose. One that I’m particularly in love with is the creamy tomato soup recipe. After experiencing severe dairy allergies, one of the things I missed most was the creamy tomato soup my grandma used to make me so for this book I set out to make one that tasted just as incredible but was organic, healthy, and dairy-free —- let’s just say I blew my own socks off with how good it came out. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it!

Do you have a favourite mantra?

“I’m attuned to my magic” — it’s paired with my unicorn fuel smoothie and a kundalini meditation to know the field (aka for intuition).

What’s your recommendation for people that believe that they’re bad at meditation?


75% of the benefits of meditation come from simply closing your eyes, sitting still and focusing on your breath. You can’t mess it up! Even if you are thinking about your grocery list the whole time or stressing about something you are doing later that day — you are still getting some of the benefits.

Be gentle with yourself. What’s most important is that you show up for your practice. Sit. Do your best that day and then let it go. It’s the consistent commitment that will change your life, don’t let yourself get tripped up on the details!

How did you find the right mantra for each recipe?

It was more like I found the right recipe and meditation for each mantra. The whole processed was channeled, which is like being in a meditation of sorts where I allow a wisdom higher then myself to flow through me. So I would get the mantra and then I would ask, “what meditation would be best to support this?” and then “what recipe will help hold the energy of this mantra?” Of course, then after putting them all together I made sure everything felt right but it was a very fun and magical process.

Thank you so much for the interview, Cassandra!
Eat with Intention Cover achtsames essen lernen

Interessieren euch Themen wie Meditation und Spiritualität? Habt ihr selbst Mantras, denen ihr folgt?

*Netterweise hat Cassandra mir ihr E-Book zu Rezension-Zwecken kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt.

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  2. liebe Lena, ich finde das Interview mit Cassandra sehr inspirierend und v.a. aufschlussreich, schließlich ist es auch interessant zu erfahren, mit welcher Absicht sie das Buch geschrieben hat.

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